October 2013 - Book of the month

Summits & Starlight

Photographer: Paul Zizka
Price: $30
ISBN: 9781927330920
Format: Hardcover


Iconic and classic images of the Canadian Rockies are taken to new heights and completely reimagined in this stunning 192-page collection of contemporary imagery by Banff photographer Paul Zizka.

As a professional photographer and versatile adventurer, Paul has been able to access remarkable backcountry landscapes and dizzying peaks throughout the mountains of western Canada. The result is a collection of images that highlight difficult conditions and hard-to-reach places; alpine sports and backcountry experiences; unusual angles of common mountain subjects; and stars, Northern Lights and dramatic silhouettes. Together, this portfolio represents some of the most breathtaking and unique views of the Rockies to be published in years

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