March 2013 - Book of the month

Composition in Stone

Photographer: Craig Richards
Price: $75
Format: Hardcover

Renowned Canadian Rockies photographer Craig Richards subscribes to a photographic process more in keeping with the pace of the 19th century. After hiking through the rugged terrain of the Canadian Rockies carrying a 20-kilogram backpack, he laboriously sets up his tripod and 4 x 5 view camera, then waits until nature begins to reveal the image he has visualized.

Yet this process is, to him, in his own words, “an impulsive act of the heart, a desire to record the elusive and magical light in a two-dimensional photograph for others to experience as an aesthetic object and a means to explore their own feelings.”

The end result is Composition in Stone, a collection of stunning black and white photographic mountain portraits made over two decades which offers us just that: an invitation not only to connect to the natural beauty of Western Canada’s premier geographic destination, but also to chart new trails in our own emotional and psychological landscapes.

Composition in Stone is printed on high quality paper using tritone images. The foreword is by award-winning author Wade Davis.

Composition in Stone is available at Mooseprint Books & Gifts for $75.


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