LOCATION: Mooseprint Books and Gifts is just off Banff Avenue, in the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada. Free parking is across Buffalo Street, adjacent to Central Park. 


It's been a rewarding time operating Banff's only independent bookstore, but due to a number of factors we've decided to close the store and concentrate on publishing books about the Canadian Rockies, which you will still be able to purchase at retailers throughout the region.

Andrew & Dianne

To learn more about the region, visit the Canadian Rockies Travel Guide. For the best selection of Canadian Rockies books and to order online, visit the Summerthought Publishing website.

For visitors to Banff, The Viewpoint, corner of Banff Avenue and Caribou Street (under Wild Bills) is an excellent source of Canadian Rockies books, and maintains long hours through summer.

A number of independently published Canadian Rockies books have limited distribution beyond the region and are not sold through online retailers. We have a stock of these titles and will continue to take orders through our publishing company. The most popular of these are: Skoki Cookbook, Composition In Stone, and Ben Gadd' books including Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, and Raven's End. Please call us at 403 762 0535 or email to info@summerthought.com to place an order.





December 2013 - Book of the month
Posters of the Canadian Pacific

November 2013 - Book of the month
Our Canadian Love Story

October 2013 - Book of the month
Summits & Starlight

September 2013 - Book of the month
The Advance Man

August 2013 - Book of the month
Who is Boo?

July 2013 - Book of the month
Bears Without Fear

June 2013 - Book of the month
Raven's End

May 2013 - Book of the month
Short Peaks

April 2013 - Book of the month
More in Anger

March 2013 - Book of the month
Composition In Stone

February 2013 - Book of the month
Through the Lens

January 2013 - Book of the month
Skoki Cookbook



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